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Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group Delegate Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Jason Roberts is new Reimbursement Chair for the Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group (Diabetes DPG) and helps Registered Dietitians in our DPG with resources and reimbursement.  His role with Diabetes DPG drives what and how we are getting paid, as well as care, increasing access for patients to see a Registered Dietitian for medical nutrition therapy.

Jason discusses resources for reimbursement, including the MNT Provider, a monthly newsletter specifically tailored for registered dietitian nutritionists. The MNT Provider includes articles on topics such as billing, coding and coverage, CMS updates and releases, practice and business management, health care reform, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance reimbursement, and is free to Academy members. Other resources are available at the Diabetes DPG website under professional resources, then payment. 

Register for the first ever Virtual Diabetes DPG Symposium 2/19 to 2/20!

Sign up for the Delegate Book Club to further the House of Delegates 2020-2021 critical issue a systems approach to accelerating nutrition and health equity.

We are very excited to offer this pending CEU learning opportunity to you.  Our book club will be a two part series, first laying the foundation where we can make shifts in our thinking and actions relating to racism and second how to apply what we learned to our clinical practice.  
The first book will be Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi
Meeting: Wednesday, February 17th, 5-7 PM E.T.
Consider watching Reynolds' and Kendi's interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show and reading this interview by Nikole Hannah-Jones with Jayson Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi about their collaboration and what Stamped means to them as pre-work prior to our discussion.  I will send a list of discussion questions on February 1st prior to our virtual meeting. 
The second book will be A Practice Beyond Cultural Humility: How Clincians Can Work More Effectively In A Diverse World.  Dates and Times of next meeting will be voted on February 17th after our Book Club Discussion. 
Sign up by emailing